Tack Room Restaurant Menu

(Please note that due to COVID and the changing meat costs, prices are subject to change without notice)
All dinners include your choice of homemade soup or salad, your choice of baked potato, ranch-style beans, rice pilaf, or grilled zucchini and garlic bread

Choice Steaks

Small New York Strip 9 to 11 oz           $26.95
Medium New York Strip 12 to 14 oz    $30.95
Large New York Strip 15 to 17 oz        $35.95
Ribeye 12 to 14 oz                                   $31.95

Surf & Turf

Small New York Strip 9 to 11 oz and our special battered prawns             $32.95
Small New York Strip 9 to 11 oz and our special battered calamari          $32.95


Jumbo prawns in our special batter             $26.95
Calamari Strips in our special batter           $26.95
Jumbo prawns and Calamari strips             $28.95
Grilled Halibut.                                                $28.95

Other Options

Center cut pork chops                                  $24.95
1/3 lb. choice ground sirloin (Hamburger Steak)
    served with bbq sauce and onion rings.    $18.95 
Chicken Breast with bbq sauce.                  $20.95

Children’s Menu

Children’s chicken breast with barbecue sauce    $9.95
Children’s pork ribs with barbecue sauce             $9.95
All children meals come with ranch style beans and dessert


Side Orders & Extras

Deep-Fried Onion Rings                 $7.00
Deep-Fried or Grilled Zucchini       $7.00
Jumbo Prawns                                $18.95
Calamari Strips                               $16.95

All you can eat salad bar  (no salad bar due to COVID) $8.00
One time salad bar                          $5.00
Bowl of Soup                                   $5.25
Cup of Soup                                    $4.75
(Chowder add 50 cents)

Extras   $3.00

Baked Potato
Ranch Style Beans
Rice Pilaf
Side of Regular or Seasoned French Fries



Dessert Selection Varies